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Daro 4×2

Can store up to 20 deer carcasses or similar.
The refrigeration section has the following dimensions: length = 2 550 mm, width = 1 800 mm.
The social part: length = 1 150 mm, width = 1 800 mm.
The container has an extended roof with a length of 1 m /total length of the chamber with roof 5,000 mm/.
The structure is made of 100 mm thick sandwich panels with a polyurethane core.
The floor is made of polyurethane sandwich panels and acid-resistant sheet metal on one side.
In addition, a 900 mm wide refrigerated door is installed in the cold store.
The container is equipped with a refrigeration unit powered by 230 VAC.
Daro 4×2


• U-shaped rail for hanging hooks,
• set of hooks /according to DIN 5047/ 20 pieces ,
• an electric rope winch with a load capacity of up to 500 kg installed above the entrance to the cold store,
• electrical and lighting installation laid in installed protective trays inside the cold store,
• electronic controller for programming temperature settings from +10° C to – 5° C
• set of keys for both doors (2x)
• electronic energy consumption meter,


Dimensions [mm] External Internal
Length [L] 4000 3800
Width [W] 2000 1800
Height [H] 2700 2400


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